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Sensix force-torque
<h1>Cylindrical sensors</h1><p></p>

Cylindrical sensors

The cylindrical sensor is a 1 to 6-component force-torque sensor used in research in the fields of medicine (sports and rehabilitation medicine) and biomechanics. The location of the center of pressure allows measuring great efforts while respecting the most difficult space constraints. This biomechanical sensor can easily be integrated in any existing device. Its dimensions are adaptable. Its diameter can measure from 10 to 400mm and it can be from 5 to 100mm high.

Integrated into any type of tube, this device measures the wrist effort during gripping task. This sensor allows directly acquiring the torque-effort components. This gripping sensor can easily be integrated in sports or medical equipment like walkers, crutches or canes. With the location of the center of pressure this instrument is an essential measurement tool of muscular effort generated by the subject during the execution of a movement.


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Sensix design of force-torque sensor for biomechanics

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