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The company

Who we are?

Our expertise in the field of biomechanics engineering allows us designing high-precision force-torque sensors and force plates and answering the specific needs of researchers and professionals of the scientific, medical and sports communities.

Our measuring instruments are reliable and of high-quality. All of our products are tailor-made. Thanks to an innovative dimensioning method our force-torque sensors can be integrated into any existing device whatever the size or the shape.

Our products are made in France and sold all over the world.

SENSIX was rewarded at the National Competition of Business Creation in Innovative Technology in category Emergence (2006) and category Creation (2008).

The R&D by SENSIX?

The company is based on the thesis research in the field of biomechanics of its founders Mrs. Inès BENKHEMIS and Mr. Mathieu BOUCHER. The R&D is our core business. Any sensor we produce is tailor-made according to the client requirements.

We are able to answer any specific need. We offer innovative products adapted to the current and future market expectations in terms of technology, high precision and easy-to-use appliance of scientific measurement device.

We work in constant collaboration with University Hospitals, Academic Research Centers,  Centers for Functional Re-education and Rehabilitation, Veterinary Centers, Sporting Federations as well as many Private Companies on the development of force-torque sensors. These measurement tools are invaluable to many healthcare professionals to pinpoint a diagnosis, to establish a rehabilitation program and to get reliable data through simple and user-friendly computer interface.

Our force sensors are developed the way that it allows measuring weak pressure as well as great effort. This is why, our products are also appreciated by sport professionals and researchers in the field of biomechanics for the study and the analysis of the force generated during the execution of the different body movement.   

Here are examples of products which were made possible thanks to collaborative work.  

In 2012 we created an instrument of diagnosis of the hand, the Power Pinch Minupulandum (PPM), in partnership with Mr. Didier PRADON PhD in Biomechanics and Doctor Nicolas Roche University Professor and Hospital Practitioner, of the Laboratory of Movement Analysis of the University Hospital Raymond Poincaré in Garches. The PPM is a measurement tool of displacement between the fingers and the thumb during the tightening movement. It provides reliable and precise data through simple and user-friendly software interface that allows healthcare professionals obtaining an accurate diagnosis, a personalized rehabilitation program, a quantified before/after surgery/rehabilitation assessment.

We also designed and manufacture the Impactor, a sensor network that allows measuring the distortion of synthetic floors. On this project, we worked with the company GERFLOR, the CNRS, the ENSMA (National Academic School of Mechanics and Aerotechnics) and the University of Poitiers. The Impactor was patented on the 22nd of March 2012.

We also created a new instrument of diagnosis, the Finger Force Manipulandum in co-operation with Mr. Marc MAIER University Professor and Researcher and Mr. Pavel LINDBERG Teacher from the Academic Research Laboratory in Neuroscience of the University Paris Descartes. This innovation in hand therapy technology was patented on the 3rd of May 2012. This measuring device is a combination of a force and displacement sensor. It allows the study of finger flexion individually, one after the other or altogether. It integrates a bio-feedback in real time. The FFM along with its simple and user-friendly software interface provides an accurate diagnosis, a personalized rehabilitation program and a quantified before/after surgery/rehabilitation assessment.

The bike with electric assistance, named in French VAE, was created by the Company STARWAY, the University François Rabelais in Tours and SENSIX. The VAE was patented on the 28th of August 2012.


Sensix design of force-torque sensor for biomechanics

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