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Sensix force-torque
<h1>Pedal sensors</h1><p></p>

Pedal sensors

Resulting from researches in biomechanics, I-CrankSet offers the opportunity to measure effort generated by a cyclist thanks to a 6-component sensor integrated under the clipless pedal of a cycle (the biomechanical sensor can be adapted to any clipless pedal).

Location of the pedals:

  • squares specific to optoelectronic systems
  • encoders integrated into each pedal and a crank encoder


Choosing I-CrankSet version can be done according to:

  • Bike type: road, mountain, BMX
  • Maximal vertical force Fz
  • Clipless system


I CrankSet software calculates all parameters that can inform the cyclist and her/his coach/operator on the quality of pedaling in terms of:

  • Force: left and right pedal ,  Moment : left and right pedal ,  CoP : left and right pedal
  • Angular position left pedal/right pedal/crank
  • Crank speed
  • Torque/Power/Work regarding the crank reference
  • Efficiency index 


<h1>Pedal sensors</h1><p></p>
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Sensix design of force-torque sensor for biomechanics

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