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Sensix force-torque

Ski Sensors

Sensix is nowadays the only company on the market able to provide you with a specific force platform specifically designed to ski alpine.

ISkiSet is the State-of-the-Art skiing analysis tool that measures interaction effort between ski bindings and boots. It measures the effort applied by the skier to its ski. It was designed in conjunction with Salomon Company, Ski French Federation and Savoie Mont-Blanc University.


  • Connectors adapted to the ski bonding

  • Connectors adapted to the skiing boots

  • Ergonomical and light

  • Easy mounting because using the lifter screw setting 

  • Adapted to environmental conditions: waterproof, autonomy, temperature,…

  • Do not disturb Skier mouvment, Ski-shoes attachement, Ski flexion


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Sensix design of force-torque sensor for biomechanics

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