The choice of tailor-made, adaptation and integration

Sensix force-torque

The expertise

Sensix sensors are customizable in terms of:

Measuring range

  • Assistance in the drafting of specifications in terms of measurement range which can increase the precision of the measure in comparison to a catalog offer.

Boundary dimension

  • For the same measurement range, Sensix sensors take the best suitable shape and size for the device to be instrumented.

Mechanical integration solutions

  • Sensix proposes to support the design and manufacture of parts for the mechanical integration of sensors in the device to be instrumented.

Computer interface

    • Parameters set by the user.
    • Possibility of acquisition by PDA interfaced (optimal solution for mobility and real-time acquisition).

      Electronic processing

        • Channels number defined by the user.
        • Signal processing defined by the user.
        • Electronic packaging external or integrated within the sensor.
        • Transmission wires and telemetry.

          Sensix design of force-torque sensor for biomechanics

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