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Sensix force-torque
<h1>Finger Force Manipulandum</h1><p></p>

Finger Force Manipulandum

Measurement instrument of the hand resulting from researches in biomechanics, the Finger Force Manipulandum is both a force-torque sensor and a displacement sensor. It allows the force-displacement study of finger motion one after the other or altogether.

This diagnosis tool integrates a biofeedback in real time which provides accurate diagnosis of fingers force and flexion (personalized rehabilitation program, before/after surgery assessment and before/after rehabilitation assessment).

SENSIX created the Finger Force Manipulandum in partnership with Mr. Marc MAIER University Professor and Researcher and Mr. Pavel LINDBERG Teacher, from the Academic Research Laboratory in Neuroscience of the University Paris Descartes.



<h1>Finger Force Manipulandum</h1><p></p>
<h1>Finger Force Manipulandum</h1><p></p>
<h1>Finger Force Manipulandum</h1><p></p>
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Sensix design of force-torque sensor for biomechanics

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